The beautiful thing about buying something entirely made by hand according to your choices in regards to leather & thread is that we can also offer you different options to add personalization to your new leather product for free. Below you will find an overview of the different options we offer.

If you want to add a personal touch like your initials or name, we can emboss it into your new Cavalier Goods Co. product. For this, we carefully hand-press it with hot brass dies using a vintage Kingsley-M60 hot foil stamping machine. Type Set with Kingsley Type

Debossed & Gold Foil
The two options we offer are either debossed, where we use a plain die pressing into the leather leaving a debossed monogram or the addition of gold foil to create a more luxurious impression. Both options can be seen below:

Debossed and gold foiled leather patchFrom top to bottom: Debossed and gold foiled.

Type Sets
We currently offer two type sets to choose from. Type 1 is only available in capital letters while Type 2 is available in capital and lowercase letters. When you check out, let us know if you would like option 1, 2 or 3.
Leather Embossed with Cavalier Goods Co.From Top to Bottom: Type Option 1, Type Option 2 and Type Option 3


Below you can see some examples of personalization we have done for our customers. 

Gold FoilDebossed