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The Maker

Cavalier Goods Co. started from humble beginnings on a late autumn afternoon in an all-but-deserted café on Toronto's Queen Street. I had been browsing countless websites to find a bag that would not only be functional, but also elegant. After hours of searching without much luck, the inevitable thought occurred: "What does it take to make my own?" The question that lead to where Cavalier Goods Co. is today.

My credo is simple: Making beautiful & honest products that reflect the character of those who inhabit them. I believe that owning less is more, but that you should cherish the few things you do have. After all, you're worth it.

Every piece is handmade in my studio in Toronto's West End with extreme care and quality in mind, so that it will last you a lifetime and will develop its own story: your story.


Marvin Jobs - Owner of Cavalier Goods Co.

Marvin Jobs


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